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Happy New Year! Our Goals For 2024


Dear Hancock Park Resident:

We’ve asked you what goals the Association should have for 2024 and you’ve answered:

  • Enforce traffic laws. Our neighborhood is inundated with speeding, reckless, cut through traffic. Drivers of all vehicles run red lights, block intersections, dart around traffic barriers, roll through STOP signs and ignore traffic signs; E Bikes, bikes and scooters barrel down streets and sidewalks endangering pedestrians; all without consequences. We plan to press the LAPD and City to enforce the law, write tickets and make our neighborhood streets safer.
  • Security and safety, continue to work to keep our neighborhood safe. Ensure the City fully funds Crime Prevention Programs.
  • Repair our sidewalks, explore “outside the box” solutions for fixing dangerous sidewalks
  • Repair our concrete streets, work with our electeds to make infrastructure a priority ( not an afterthought) in the next City budget
  • Address abandoned properties and force owners to secure their properties and maintain them to a reasonable, safe standard.
  • Remove graffiti quickly.
  • Trim our trees, the “lungs of the City”, so they’re healthy and safe.
  • Address public safety issues such as the dangerous flooding on Clinton between Lillian Way and Rossmore.

When you renew your membership you’ll be asked for your ideas. Help the Association fund efforts to keep our neighborhood safe and beautiful and give us your ideas.

We welcome volunteers to help with our work. Again, see our website for more specific information about all these initiatives and other efforts. A recording of our annual meeting held in October is available on our website, www.Hancock Park Homeowners Association Est 1948.

We wish everyone in Hancock Park and Los Angeles a Happy, Health Holiday Season and New Year.

Hancock Park Homeowners Association Est 1948


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