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If I Only Had A Porch For My Pie

Welcome to pie season!  As autumn settles in, as much as it can in LA, we start to think of the holidays.  Scary I know, but this is the time we begin to embrace and look forward to the fabulous “eating” holidays of Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s.  We are celebrating the wonderful harvests of Fall with dinner parties and planning our holiday feasts.  We have a list of questions that desperately need to be answered.  Where are we ordering our turkey?  Our ham?  Who is making pie?  I can answer the last one, Porch Pies.

Porch Pies, your local pie delivery service, was started lovingly by Robyn Poarch.  Robyn’s most vivid memories of her childhood in the Deep South were of spending hours in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother learning the family heirloom pie recipes.  Robyn identified with her southern roots by cooking pies for friends and family while living in New York.  She soon honed her skills and had perfected the art of making pie crust.  Robyn moved to Los Angeles and her pie makin’ business blossomed after she took it upon herself to sneak her beautifully boxed homemade pies into the trailers of Ben Harper, Sheryl Crow and the like at a “Rock for Choice” show a few years ago.  Laura Dern, a southern native of Arkansas and then Ben Harper’s wife, took one bite and was hooked. She spread the word like wildfire and now, this “pie lady to the stars” brings her family’s kitchen secrets and that “southern hospitality” right to your front door with her Porch Pie delivery.

The menu on the Porch Pies website is split into “Specialties” and “Seasonal” pies.  I happened to treat my guests to the taste of Fall with an Apple Buttermilk Pie.  It put any plain apple pie to shame. Each bite was filled with the taste of warmed apples, cinnamon, nutmeg and creamy buttermilk.  The crust was cooked to perfection with just the right amount of flake.  Heated just so in the oven, this pie was downright divine.

Since I am a huge fan of the custardy “Chess” pie, I ordered the Chocolate Chess.  This southern specialty had a chocolate middle that was so sweet and luscious and was complimented beautifully with just a dollop of fresh whipped cream.  The Chocolate Chess is just one of the three “Chess” choices offered by Porch Pies. Coconut and Lemon are on my “must have” list for the next delivery.  I am already planning my Thanksgiving dinner and I know for sure that Porch Pies’ Southern Pecan and Sweet Potato will be the perfect addition.

Porch Pies makes it very easy to order online or by phone.  Want to send the perfect gift?  Porch Pies has a Pie of the Month Club. How about having a pie delivered to your host’s house before the holiday event?  Better yet, get one for yourself.

Call for your pie delivery: at 323-632-4816 or visit the Porch Pies website.

 Alison Dinerstein is a resident of Windsor Square, a NY JETS fan and a professional foodie.  She is the co-founder of Artisan Kitchen. You may email Alison at [email protected]  or  follow her on twitter: @adinerstein.


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