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Local Buzz: Hancock Park Blogger Kelly Lanza Inspires Creativity

You know when you walk into your favorite local coffee shop and all those people are working away…don’t you wonder what they are up to? Lots of us are blogging – posting to our personal or business websites. We all seem to have a lot to say…a lot to share.

At Larchmont Buzz we are looking to celebrate the creative talent in our midst! We will highlight various local bloggers – sharing their websites and perhaps a little about what makes them tick. And of course, what they love about our neighborhood!

Kelly Lanza – Local DIY Blogger

Photo Credit: Jeff Mindell Photography,

Hancock Park resident and local blogger Kelly Lanza is a real dynamo. She has taken her life-long passion of crafting and turned it into a business that allows her to do what she loves everyday. Kelly is the force behind the website – a destination for people who are looking for inspiration as they look to put a personal touch on weddings, other events and crafts.

Kelly is a recent LA transplant, having moved to LA from New Jersey with her boyfriend about a year ago. She is the youngest of five, and the only girl at that! Her love of crafting stems from the fact that her parents set her up with every portable arts and crafts project ever made on the sidelines of her brothers’ sporting events. There’s been no turning back! It’s been a part of her life ever since.

The holiday season is the end-all and be-all for crafters like Kelly. In addition to having a deep, eternal love for Christmas – the season surrounding it embodies everything she lives for and loves. For Kelly, this season is an extra excuse to bake tons of goodies, make the most personal gifts, design and decorate and of course, throw lots of pretty parties! She is currently pulling together the holiday decor for her home and gifts. And we love this – she devises a new, non-traditional color palette every year. How great!

Check out Kelly’s website for inspiring holiday wrapping ideas and more!  And if you need a little extra encouragement when it comes to your holiday decor, gift wrapping or party crafting and styling – reach out to Kelly at [email protected].

If you are a crafter, you might enjoy the Renegade Craft Fair Holiday Market this Saturday and Sunday – December 10-11 – at Los Angeles State Park.


Kelly Lanza loves the neighborhood! You might find her walking from her Hancock Park home to the Sunday Farmers Market on Larchmont, bump into her at Vine American on Melrose or have breakfast next to her one Saturday at Doughboys on 3rd Street. She and her boyfriend enjoy Sunday picnic brunches with their dog at Griffith Park. Lanza is available to consult on events of all kind – including weddings and children’s parties. You can contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter at @StudioDIY .



Photo Credit: Jeff Mindell Photography,
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