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Coyote Confab This Tuesday Jan 28th

Coyote Meeting at Marlborough

With no coyote sitings in the last week and a half, the neighborhood has been less on edge about the resident coyote(s) roaming the neighborhood.  The coyote has yet to be captured in any of the traps set up independently by a group of residents, however, and their contract with All Star will end on January 27th when the traps will be pulled. The Wilshire Country Club is said to have set traps on the golf course this past week, where it is assumed the coyote(s) live.

Councilman Tom LaBonge has organized a community meeting to discuss the recent coyote problems in the neighborhood.  The meeting will take place on January 28th, at 6:30 pm, at Marlborough School, 250 South Rossmore Avenue. Gregory Randall, Wildlife Specialist at City of Los Angeles Animal Services, will be updating those interested on living alongside coyotes in an urban environment. Randall will also have information on making our area less desirable for the animals.

The meeting will be in the Collins Room, on the second floor of Marlborough School. Marlborough is asking attendees to park in their Parking Lot off of 3rd Street, and to avoid parking on the neighborhood streets.

Currently, Animal Services is actively patrolling the area looking for the Coyote. They are using all of the reported sightings of the Coyote to map where it has been in order to understand where it might be found.

If you spot the Coyote, please contact (323) 225-9453. If you have to leave a message, please make sure to let them know when and where you spotted the coyote. Also please leave your contact information so they may call you back to follow up.

Community Meeting Regarding Recent Coyote Problems
January 28th, at 6:30 pm
Marlborough School, 250 S. Rossmore Ave.
Collins Room, Second Floor


Larchmont Buzz: Residents Take Action in Capture of Coyote
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